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The main tourism circuits in India are fairly well known. India has, however, many undiscovered spots with unspoiled charm that are worth a visit for a quiet rewarding holiday spend amidst the splendour of nature, away from the crowds

Those who really want to experience India , a heady mixture of unique culture proudly preserved , than a trip to its village is must, to get the first hand experience of their custom , life style & the perfect harmony they have maintained .

Big farmhouses have sprung up with modern facilities in a quiet and serene rural ambience, where offers varied and rich attractions comparable to some to the best countryside in the world. For those who are keen on soaking in the ambience of Indian village rather the plush hospitality of five stars hotels in metros, they may opt to say in these farm houses .These has been Classified in to three categories .

Click hee to see the demo. The best part of these farm houses ,you  get the opportunity to interact with the local resident & to gain an insight into the life of the their culture, heritage as well the craft skills.

The local residents, too, make the effort to provide glimpses of their folk music, dance, art and crafts by arranging cultural evenings for the visitors, if they so desire, 

Alternatively there are Rest house/ Dak Bunglows ( introduced in the days of the British Raj , they are primarily meant for Government officials on tour) Forest Rest Houses, nearby , from there you can have the glimpses of the Indian village without compromising your life style Really it would be a great experience , mind blowing adventure & remarkable natural beauty . 

A land where you can revitalize your mind , body & soul amidst scenery that is a simply knock out , age old traditional hospitality is a bonus of course .If you show an inclination , chances are there you will get invited to their homes . Indian have always believed that " the guest is God' . 


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